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Born in Vienna - she grew up in the dressmaker shop of her parents. Therefore, fashion is a passion of hers.

Linda's first contact with music was because of the grand piano located in her parent's tailor shop.

She began to study piano and saxophone, flute, clarinet and composition at the University of Music in Vienna.

Linda Spa is a trained conductor and arranger as well.

In addition to her international artistic work - especially for theater and film, she has performed with the Electronic Rock formation Tangerine Dream for many years. She participated in the following Grammy nominated albums:

220 Volt, Rockoon,Turn of the Tides and Tyranny of Beauty. Linda also co-arranged PurpleHaze - nominated for best Rock Instrumental Song.

In 2011, Linda Spa performed the Irish folktune Sally's Garden with Brian May as a duet.

She also worked as a composer for various ensembles and has participated in worldwide tours.

Linda´s selfmade costumes represent her love for fashion and design.

She is currently working on her solo album which will be presented maybe in 2018.